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What People Are Saying

  • "Lena, you've inspired us! The whiteboards have become a way of life in our household. My 6-year-old twins and I write messages to each other, they play hang man together and create their own word and counting games, with the white board as a tool. It has been a fun way to practice all they are learning in a playful way!" –Melanie G., mom to 6-year-old twins


  • "The Koala Coach ideas are so creative and easy to do. My three year old knows the letters of the alphabet and all I did was feed him dinner!"  –Christina G., mom to 3-year-old son


  • "I check the Koala Coach videos first thing in the morning to get creative ideas for my day with the kids!" –Daniel L., single dad to a toddler and 3rd grader